"Floss" your ring with shineon jewelry FLOSS

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SHINEONTMJewelry Floss with FlexYarnTM Technology is so safe & simple you can use it every morning. Our concept is all about convenience and INSTANT shine. It takes seconds, can be used anywhere. When you are done, simply dispose and enjoy your shiny diamond ring!

ABOUT YOUR DIAMOND: Diamonds are natural magnets for oils and dirt from your everyday life. Cleaning the grimy underside of your diamond and in the tight spaces of prong settings can be tricky and largely ineffective with soap and water - (brushes are very damaging, even the softest ones). The memory-compression FlexYarn effectively sweeps away stubborn grime that dulls the diamond -- NO shredding, snagging or scratching. TO USE: A few drops of water activates the nontoxic, grime-removing cleanser, the stiff threader allows for easy insertion into the prong setting, a back and forth pulling motion loosens stubborn, filmy grime -- a quick rinse and air dry are all it takes for brilliant, light-refracting shine... Your ring never even has to leave your hand!!

Take SHINEON in your bag, travel with it. It is feather weight and needs no cleaning, no batteries or additive cleansers.